Optimistic ranges from sculptural creations to digital billboards. The large, vibrantly colored panels range from 20 to 60 feet, weigh up to 600 pounds, and are installed in four Maine cities (Portland, Lewiston, bangor, and Braunschweig) As well as in Greenwich, Connecticut; New York City; Jersey City, New Jersey; Newark, New Jersey; Easton, Md. and in over twenty-two private art collections. Optimistic can be seen on paintings, bumper stickers and lapel pins and has drawn attention across the state of Maine. Now Hewitt is expanding to other states and a digital campaign across the country.

Hope the design incorporates a retro flair with their colorfast sheen and round electric bulbs, reminiscent of a time of hope and progress in the country after World War II. The simple yet powerful message inspired citizens to share their feelings after experiencing Optimistic. Hewitt’s wish is for more people to experience the art, both in person and through a social media campaign.

“Hope is not a passive project, it takes work and responsibility. My hope with this project is to continue to spread the message of true compassion throughout our country. To have hope means to be committed and compassionate towards what surrounds us as a society. I want a resurgence of this in my life and in the lives of others, which is why I am committed to continuing to expand this project through United States“, Hewitt said.

If you would like to bring The Hopeful Project to your community, publicly or privately, please contact Charlie Hewitt Studio for more information. Hewitt is represented by Jim Kempner fine art in New York City. Instagram: @_hopefulproject.

Charlie Hewitt
Charlie Hewitt, born in 1946, is an American painter, printmaker and public artist. His works are part of the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum, the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress. He has also been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is the only artist to have a permanent public sculpture, “Urban Rattle”, on the High Line in New York City.

The hopeful project Artist Charlie Hewitt started The Hope Project, 2019–present, with a single lighted aluminum sculpture commissioned by Speedwell Projects for the roof of their headquarters in Portland, Maine. To date, the Optimistic The message has spread with installations in seven states on dozens of different sites, public and private. Follow us on Instagram at @_hopefulproject and with the hashtag #sharehopeful.

Jim Kempner fine art
Jim Kempner fine art specializes in contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and works on paper, with a particular focus on contemporary prints and outdoor sculpture. The inventory of works of art is aimed at both experienced collectors and beginners. The gallery works closely with art advisors, designers, corporations and museums to expand and enrich their varied collections.

SOURCECharlie Hewitt Studio


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