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SALYERSVILLE – The work of the gifted and talented art students at Magoffin County High School is proudly on display in downtown Salyersville, along with the group painting windows at Frazier Prater Drug, the Seasonal Shoppe and Caldwell’s Used Furniture.

Local business owner Bekah Frazier Rudd reached out to Jerica Conley, the Talent and Talented Schools Coordinator at Magoffin County Schools, to let her know they have free space to showcase young artists.

“I worked with Andrea Parsons and asked our gifted and talented students to produce a few drawings and then they spent about a week creating their own drawings, drawing over the drawings with paint pens and then drawing them. painting all by hand, ”said Conley.

In time for the Christmas Parade, which took place last weekend, the group hand painted classic Christmas characters including Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Snowman, Snoopy, Frosty, The Brothers Bet, the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who, as well as some original designs, like an animated version of “Home Alone”.

“When Bekah first came up with the idea to me, I had no idea what she was talking about and we haven’t painted downtown windows in years, but it was a great opportunity. for them and this allows us to show our students’ talents, ”said Conley.

While the young performers might have been a little intimidated at first, Conley said she was able to see their visions come to life.

“They put so much work into it,” Conley said. “I watched them paint something amazing, step back and erase it. Repaint it, then erase it and repaint it all over again, but they knew what they wanted it to look like and they had their own vision.

The most impressive part of all? The group of 15 art students from Magoffin County High School painted the interior windows.

“It was upside down for them while they were painting it, but they were amazing,” Conley said.

She also noted that the students were also excited to be able to explore the old Alamo Theater, which many didn’t even know was there.

“There’s a piano in there, and the popcorn maker and even an old pop can and they loved exploring that part of our past,” Conley said.

While the opportunity is new for these students, Conley said they will do so every year as long as companies are on board, although several companies have already reached out to want to participate since the paintings went up.

“The hospitality we received was just amazing,” said Conley, noting that she worked for Prater Drug and loved being back downtown. “Every person coming in and out was so nice, asking the kids what they were doing and cheering them on, and Prater Drug, the Seasonal Shoppe and Caldwell’s Furniture were all so nice to us. It was such a good experience for them.

Conley said this is her first year working with the Gifted and Talented program, having spent nine years in the classroom, but that she enjoys working with students from across the district.

“I like to find ways to showcase their talents and be able to showcase them to the community,” said Conley. “It’s definitely a challenge, but this job is very special for me. “


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