Subtle textures exhibited at the Rele Art Gallery | The Guardian Nigeria News


After seven years of operation at the Onikan, Lagos, Rele Gallery has moved to a larger, more serene space on Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi, where a group exhibition titled Subtle Textures is taking place.

The inaugural exhibition, which features works by Osi Audu, Annick Kamgang, Sedireng Mothibatsela, Kelani Abass, Papa Omotayo and Temitayo Ogunbiyi, explores the generative qualities of drawing and line in creating composite forms and spheres of knowledge .

The new gallery space also serves as a blank canvas to play out future possibilities; the fluidity of the drawing and its capacity for transformation constitute an essential starting point.

Gallery curator Adeolu Oluwajoba said: “While we were thinking about opening the space, we wanted to do an exhibition that also spoke to this idea of ​​moving to a new space and creating something new. , so we decided to explore the drawing as a representation. . We want people to see the gallery as just a blank canvas from which multiple realities and landscapes can be created. Just work with subtextures and see the generative quality of the design and how it relates to the generative quality of the space.

He continued, “Abbas Kelani has five works, Temitayo Ogunbiyi has four and we also show the blue print, it’s the architectural work, just to give this idea of ​​how drawing can be used to create space, we are basically looking to get more commitments from people, very interesting works from Nigerian artists and African artists in general. We want to create a space where people can come and have an immersive and awe-inspiring experience.

Gallery founder Adenrele Sonariwo said moving to a new space reflects the growth of the gallery.

According to her, “we wanted a much bigger place so that the artists had the opportunity to explore a bigger space, which also helps their works, to see how they can respond to this new space, and we are also growing, his seven years.”

Sonariwo continued, “The artists curated Subtle Texture to tie into the fact that we are in a new space, a new beginning. We represent about 11 artists on our roaster and 10 of them their works are exhibited. We want to highlight the artists who have brought us to this point, some of them work with fabrics, photographs, painters, sculptures, we want to be able to show a full range of all the artists we work with that this space will not be possible without them.


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