Teeming with leaves and grasses, oil paintings covered in lush foliage evoke the forest floor


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#oil painting #painting #plants

January 14, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © JA Paunkovic, shared with permission

Thick foliage in shades of green grows from every square inch of JA Paunkovic’s canvases. The Serbian husband and wife duo of Jelena and Aleksandar render lush scenes brimming with realistic plant life. Patches of verdant grasses, shrubs, and flowering specimens span the oil-based works, which mimic patches of lush vegetation the couple encounter while hiking. “Visiting (a) new environment becomes a material that will serve us later in the studio as a sketch for a new painting”, shares Jelena. “We’ve found a way to bring nature into a home or gallery and hang it on the wall to remind us that we need to think more about how our modern lifestyle affects the environment.”

In addition to working on a few commissions, the artists are currently building a new studio, and you can follow their progress on Instagram. Find limited edition prints and originals in their shop.

#oil painting #painting #plants

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