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Independent platform, Legiit, launches new category for users

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – December 31, 2021 – The freelance platform, Legiit, is getting into the NFT action by launching a new category for buyers and sellers. Legiit officially launched its new NFT Artwork category on December 30 to close 2021.

This next step will allow designers and buyers to come together to create the best NFT art designs, giving Legiit access to the burgeoning NFT world. NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, is a digital work of art built on the blockchain, often Ethereum. In 2021 alone, NFT’s sales totaled more than $ 26.9 billion.

Because of the huge revenues from these tokens, businesses all over the world, large and small, are on the bandwagon.

So why is Legiit taking action? “NFTs are a big part of the future of technology, and we want to help people take advantage of it. There was already interest because people were listing them in other categories, ”said Legiit founder Chris Walker. “Suppose I have an idea for NFT that I want to create but don’t know the graphics. Then I would hire someone to do the art for me so that I could make an NFT out of it, ”Walker continued.

In less than 24 hours of going live, the category has already attracted nine sellers in total, with starting prices ranging from $ 6 to $ 640, depending on the scope of packages and seller levels.

legitimate is an independent platform founded in 2018 by Chris M. Walker, who also founded Superstar SEO. After several years of self-employment triumph, Walker built his Marketplace to fill the void of what was lacking in the freelance industry: a secure, user-centric platform that creates an easy way for buyers to discover the best independent talents they want. . Additionally, unlike other independent platforms, Legiit emphasizes superior customer service and community communication.

As a result, Legiit conquers the independent sector one seller-buyer relationship at a time.

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