The public library of the Friends of Saint-Charles will present sculptures in the garden


The Friends of Saint-Charles Public Library is looking to place an outdoor sculpture in the terrace garden of the Saint-Charles Public Library.

The outdoor sculpture will be on permanent display in the terrace garden with a specific location to be recommended by the artist.

This is an opportunity to showcase your work and become part of a community landmark.

St. Charles Public Library is nestled in the heart of the city of St. Charles, Illinois. It rests near the beautiful Fox River and is home to many works of art.

Library artwork is featured in the “Art and Architecture in Illinois Libraries” database,

With over 200 works of art, including outdoor sculptures, the library prides itself on its diverse collection.

Professional artists are invited to submit resumes, references and ideas which must meet the following criteria:

• All professional artists are invited to submit their artistic ideas, renderings or samples. Preference will be given to local artists who reside in the Fox Valley area.

• Artwork is to be displayed outdoors (open to the elements) in the newly created terraced garden of the St. Charles Public Library building. The exact location is not specified; recommendations can be made in this space.

• The piece should be a thoughtful work, taking into account its prominent placement in a public library.

• The committee is looking for something whimsical to go with the natural theme of the landscaping and its proximity to the Department of Youth Services.

• Budget up to $10,000, which should include delivery and everything needed for installation (ie base to be included if needed).

Digital submissions should be sent to for review by Sunday, February 13.

Artists may submit up to five images and must include submission details. This should include shape, support, dimensions, etc. If files are too large to submit, a physical portfolio can be sent to Attn Library: Edith G. Craig (One South Sixth Avenue, St. Charles, IL 60174).

Due to space constraints, submissions must adhere to the following restrictions: The artwork, regardless of dimensionality, must be located near a walkway for patrons so as not to entice patrons to walk through spaces landscaped (i.e. the work should be placed on a flat surface or near a landing). The artist can browse the space anytime the library is open.

All submitted works will be examined by a jury made up of members of the committee. All artists who submit work for consideration will be notified of the jury’s decision by Thursday, February 24.

Questions? Contact Edith G. Craig, Library Director, at (630) 584-0076 or by email at


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