The Sculpture Trail arrives at Helmsley Walled Garden


This spring sees a brand new sculpture installation around the garden created by Bill Harling, a sculptor based near Middlesborough, in a year-round exhibition. This is the first time that sculptures have been exhibited in the garden.

The five pieces on display are cast in cast resin, reinforced with a variety of materials such as fiberglass and steel: different surface finishes are achieved by rendering the surface of the casting with metallic powder.

The rooms reflect the spirit of the garden; they are meandering, contemplative and exude a strong sense of calm.

Born in 1946, in Middlesbrough, Bill graduated with a Dip.AD in Sculpture from Maidstone College of Art in 1969. In 1997, after a period of artistic and industrial endeavours, he began sculpting full time in Hove. His work has been regularly exhibited at Brighton Open Houses, Surrey Sculpture Society, Broomhill Sculpture Park and Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park, as well as Worthing Art Gallery, Sotheby’s, Burghley House and The Albemarle Gallery, London.

Bill said: “I am so happy to be able to exhibit my work here at Helmsley Walled Garden. I want people to be able to be physically close to the works and appreciate them in this very special setting. The pieces are figurative and explore the relationship of form and space with individual figures and groups. ”

Tricia Harris, Marketing Manager, said: “I always wanted to have sculptures in the garden, but somehow it never really happened. Bill’s work is a wonderful addition to the garden. It exudes a sense of peace and contemplation that we hope will inspire visitors to stop and take some time to do their own quiet contemplation. The exhibition is here in the garden for the whole of 2022 and we hope that many visitors will come to enjoy it.

Each piece is available for sale directly from Bill himself and the booth staff can provide anyone interested with both a price list and details on how to contact Bill.

Helmsley Walled Garden is a two hundred and fifty year old garden, restored from abandonment and brought back to life by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers. It welcomes twenty thousand visitors a year and offers therapeutic horticulture opportunities to all its volunteers. The Garden is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. until last entry at 4 p.m. (doors close at 5 p.m.) from March 2 to December 20. Admission is £8.00 for adults if pre-booked, children under 16 have free admission. For more information on Bill Harling, please visit his website at


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