This Meta-supported art gallery project lets you take virtual photos inside a painting


Meta supports an immersive photography project for a Berlin art gallery that allows visitors to virtually enter a painting and take their own photos “inside” the work.

“Magical Reflections” is a VR/XR experience that aims to turn the artworks of the AlteNationalGalerie Berlin into virtual photography hotspots. Visitors can enter an online 3D gallery featuring several works by artist Johann Erdmann Hummel, all on display at the gallery. They enter a work of art, ‘The Granite Dish’, navigate a defined area of ​​the painting and, using virtual photography, take a snapshot and share it on Facebook.

The gallery also allows visitors to zoom in for a closer look and pan the camera to experience the room from multiple angles, often with subtle changes in light depending on the angle, just like in an actual gallery. In addition to the online experience, a virtual reality version of the experience using Oculus VR technology is also available.

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The experience is inspired by the virtual photography movement that began in video games as a way to get players to share screenshots of a game on social media and make it trendy. In “Magical Reflections”, the idea is to allow the visitor to observe the piece from a different angle and then share it on social networks.

Meta worked with digital production studio Makemepulse on the project and consulted with photographers Charmaine de Heij and Daron Bandeira and VR artist Sara Lisa Vogl about their views on the artwork.

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“The arrival of Meta has given rise to a new digital culture, which offers very interesting possibilities,” said Nicolas Rajabaly, co-founder and chief creative officer at Makemepulse, in a press release. “‘Magical Reflections’ not only allows us to create an immersive experience for a national gallery, an iconic artist and a world-renowned work of art, but also to incorporate a shareable social element with the fusion of virtual photography.”

“This project shows all that is possible on the way to the Metaverse, a series of virtual spaces where we can experience things with other people,” added Christina Keller, Creative Shop Central Europe Director, Meta. “Building experiences towards the metaverse in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, including cultural institutions and artists, is important to ensure that we include diverse perspectives to make this vision a reality.


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