Tiny human activities erupt into vast celestial nightscapes in new paintings by Oliver Jeffers



#acrylic #night #painting #stars

All images © Oliver Jeffers, courtesy of Praise Shadows Art Gallery, shared with permission

Whether working in acrylic on panel or illustrating a scene for one of his children’s books, artist Oliver Jeffers is fascinated by positioning. It returns to questions about perspective and finding a place in the world amidst chaotic politics and an immensely vast universe.

In The night in bloom, a series of ten works soon to be exhibited at the Praise Shadows Art Gallery in Brookline, Massachusetts, Jeffers imagines explosive astronomical scenes and impeccably aligned constellations. A work envelops an abandoned picnic in deep blues and purples before transforming into a luminous nebula, cradling the stars between the soft glow of city skylines. Another piece, which the artist will reproduce on a large scale on a facade of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, represents a character at home under a colorful expanse of galaxies and celestial bodies.

Each of the stellar works, which are the artist’s first in acrylic, celebrate the possibilities of the unknown. He explains:

The worlds beyond our world, clues to which only reveal themselves when our day’s light grows dim enough to see the dramatic, brilliantly colored skies after dusk, hint at a vastness beyond our comprehension. our heads. These are the same heads who are bored of looking for what to play on the radio, wondering when our internet purchase will arrive, or what activity we will use to pass the time this weekend. Perhaps there’s more to this business of being alive than giving us time (and perspective) to enjoy it.

Jeffers, who splits his time between Belfast and Brooklyn, recently unveiled Our place in space, a series of sculptures that bring the solar system to Northern Ireland and Cambridge. This full immersive experience The night in bloomwhich will take place from June 3 to July 10. Check out more of the artist’s dream paintings, sculptures, and illustrations on her site and on Instagram.

#acrylic #night #painting #stars

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