Untethered Fiber Artists ‘Signatures’ exhibition at the Manning Regional Art Gallery | Manning River Hours


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Gallery visitors got a glimpse of the work of members of the Untethered Fiber Artists collective at the Manning Regional Art Gallery on Saturday, January 8. Group member Robyn McGrath guided participants around the exhibition, explaining the intention and work processes of each of the 19 artists involved in the exhibition, Signatures: The Brand as Embodiment of Identity and L ‘intention. Robyn explained that the exhibition is all about showing the “signatures” of the members. “It shows very particular aspects of the work of our members,” said Robyn. The Untethered Fiber Artists group has around 20 members, all with different textile practices including felting, embroidery, painting, calligraphy, paperwork and printing, sartorial art and others. Signatures is a traveling exhibition and is on display at the Manning Regional Art Gallery until January 22. The Manning Regional Art Gallery is located in Macquarie Street, Taree and is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. “We love coming to Manning and I think we will be back in two years,” said Robyn.



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