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St. Petersburg, May 1 (IANS) Nobody knows who put it here, but something quite strange has appeared in the center of St. Petersburg – A bizarre art installation consisting of a single word: “ZAMESTIM” ( “We will replace”), media reports said.

Each letter is the first letter of an international brand that has suspended operations in Russia. Their company logos are also featured, the BBC reported.

Z is for Zara. A is for Adidas. M stands for McDonald’s…

Noting that hundreds of international companies have withdrawn from Russia in protest at the Kremlin’s offensive in Ukraine, the BBC said officials here had tried to sound optimistic, saying Russia would find local replacements for foreign items. which are no longer available.

“But the disappearance of global products and services adds to Russia’s growing sense of international isolation. It’s a strange thing. St. Petersburg, after all, Emperor Peter the Great designed and built this city for the Russia feels like a part of Europe.

“From marshes he created a breathtakingly beautiful Amsterdam or Russian Venice, with myriad canals and breathtaking palaces.

“With the help of European artists and architects, an imperial capital with a European face has risen. Yet, three centuries later, the gap between Russia and Europe is widening day by day”, he added.


Updated: 01-May-2022


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