Winterville’s ‘Free and Wee’ art gallery will exhibit tiny paintings


Art openings that are too exclusive to admit aren’t exactly unheard of, but how about one that’s too small for humans to even enter? At the next gallery in Winterville, there is no waiting list, but you may need to bring a magnifying glass to observe the detail work.

Scheduled to open in front of Winterville City Hall in the coming weeks, the Free and Wee exhibit stands approximately 2 feet tall and features a two-story structure built by Winterville Art Council members Sherre and Dave Watwood. Inspired by the Free Little Library in Athens, the gallery aims to be a place of free exchange for local artists.

The idea was pitched to the Art Council by Winterville community member Ellen Derwin, who purchased the figurines inside the gallery that will be glued in place to serve as constant patrons inside the exhibit. . Once fixed in its final location, the Free and Wee gallery will be open 24 hours a day and protected from the weather by a glass door.

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Winterville Arts Council treasurer David Matthews-Morgan told the Banner-Herald that Derwin’s idea for the project received an enthusiastic response when presented at a meeting.

“Immediately everyone agreed that (the Free and Wee Gallery) sounded wonderful,” Matthews-Morgan said. “No one knows what kinds of tiny artwork will appear there, and that’s exciting. I already know an artist who makes pottery for it.”

The gallery made its public debut last weekend at the Winterville Marigold Festival, where attendees have always been drawn to the design and echoed the council’s curiosity about what the free art exchange concept will bring. local creatives able to work in miniature.

To follow the progress of the Free and Wee gallery, visit


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